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Aug. 28th, 2008

Writer's Block: What You'd Accomplish if Success Was Guaranteed

Knowing beforehand that you wouldn't fail, what would you attempt to do?
umm...i wud..
i really dont know..

Aug. 18th, 2008

Writer's Block: Running Things

What would you change about your country if you could be in charge for a day?
I would definitly end world hungar! =)

Aug. 1st, 2008

Writer's Block: Immigration

If you had to immigrate from your current home, where in the world would you choose to go?

Writer's Block: What happened to you today?

What happened to you today?
I told my best friend my true felings, & he feels the same!!! [well kinda] lol =D

Jul. 30th, 2008

Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

What do you want written on your gravestone and why?
I  honestly don't know...maybe when I'm old I'll have a better idea about that.

Jul. 29th, 2008

Writer's Block: Hope

What gives you hope for your future? How about hope for your world's future? Is hope hard to maintain?
Writing. It opens doors to adveture, feelings, and complex thoughts! And with writing, hope can never be hard to maintain.

Writer's Block: Caring

Who do you care about most in your life?
I guess my family of course. And my best friends.

Writer's Block: Small Business and Economic Growth

How could supporting small businesses help to jumpstart the economy?
Supporting small businesses help to jumpstart the economy because small businesses can grow, and as they grow, it can equal out to the bigger businesses.

Writer's Block: Home is...

Where do you call home?
 I call my heart home because that's where I can store my feelings and everything else.

Writer's Block: Just Desserts

Cake or pie? Heated or cold? À la mode or plain?
 Depends on what cake or pie. Warm. And what's a la mode? so plain...[lol]

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